Spring 09 Release is Coming!

Posted January 19th, 2009 in New Releases and tagged by John Coppedge

Much has already been said about the Spring 09 release:

Official Release Notes

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Jeff Douglas

I won’t elaborate much except to say that I am specifically looking forward to:

  • Snapshots of report data; trending of reports (instead of copying the records of an object like in an analytic snapshot, it just copies the report data)
  • Delegated data administration (ability to grant granular access for a profile to specific object, regardless of hierarchy – for instance HR to payroll object)
  • Email to case as a service (no box required behind the firewall)
  • Text() functions for picklists (I voted for this one so I take all credit :))
  • Report formulas vastly more capable (it looks like the formula has the same capabilities as a custom field… all I can say is YES!)
  • Cross object field update for custom objects (but not for standard?  field update can update a field on a related object so long as it is a custom object)