Surveys & Salesforce: SurveyGizmo Delivers Powerful Options [My 2nd Favorite Web App]

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I haven’t mentioned this yet on the site, but I am a HUGE fan of Survey Gizmo.  This is easily my second favorite web app, Salesforce of course taking the top slot on my mental podium.  My standard response around the office these days has been "Can’t we just put that into Gizmo?".  This could be because we do a ton of surveys (we could conceivably bump up against the 50K/mo response limit of our enterprise account), or it could be because of the awesome flexibility of the product.

We recently added our telemarketing department into our Salesforce org.  We added accounts, then got them placing orders using opportunities.  Then we added historical orders through an opportunity import, which is how the need for the Find and Replace Template arose.

Telemarketing then says they need to perform follow up surveys after orders are completed.  I think- sweet, I’ve got exactly the right tool.  And then I remember that very tool has a Salesforce integration feature I’ve meant try for some time.

So here was the approach I took:

1) Create link to survey on the opportunity page.  Link only works if the opportunity is complete, and the survey has not been completed.  Notice the link passes the opportunity ID and owner ID to the survey.  Here’s the formula:

IF(TEXT( StageName )="Complete", IF(LEN( Survey_Result__c ) > 0, "Survey Has Been Completed", HYPERLINK("http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/GIZMOID/tmsurvey?OPP="&Id&"&OWNER="&OwnerId,"Take Survey","_self")), "Survey Results Not Ready")

2) When the survey is completed, link the opportunity to the survey results.
The first page of the survey takes the passed variables and creates hidden fields with both variables.  The last field is a link to the current survey result.


This last field is used to update the survey result field (URL) in Salesforce, linking the Salesforce opportunity to the survey result:


During the survey a question is asked to determine if there should be follow up with the client.  In Gizmo, you can create a date field by using a text field and setting date validation in the options of the question.  This also allows me to create a follow up task on the opportunity.


3) Redirect from survey back to the opportunity

This shouldn’t anywhere near as hard as it is.  The problem is that Gizmo’s web redirect uses the "?=" format which will not fly for a Salesforce URL.  I called support on this one, and they suggested hard coding a redirect in raw HTML on the final page.  After being put on hold for a minute, they said this couldn’t be officially supported.  That’s OK.  They planted the seed, I just spent some time holding the watering can.  By testing the length of the ID field, I was able to prevent the redirect from triggering unless survey was passed from Salesforce (otherwise the redirect will trigger even when you are editing the survey – rather inconvenient).

Redirecting to Opportunity
<script language=javascript>
var test="[%%28:Opportunity ID  %%]"
var result = test.length;

if (result == 15)
  window.location = "https://na5.salesforce.com/[%%28:Opportunity ID  %%]"



This is just one example of the combo in action.  Others could include:

  • Auto-sending a survey when a SalesForce case closes.
  • Creating a web-to-anything form without code.
  • Building forms using Salesforce data (I am looking into building a checkout portal using Gizmo as a front-end to Salesforce data and then pushing this data to a service such as Roman Cart).
  • Email survey invites to Salesforce contacts (would require an export/import, will hopefully become fully integrated) and push survey result(s) into contact record.


Nothing is perfect.  Here are a few issues I have discovered during use:

  • Data exports of 20k+ records are often so slow that the browser will time out (IMO there should be an email to download link method of delivery).
  • Reporting lacks some flexibility: color choice of graphs, text occasionally overlaps, cannot remove summary text, etc. (hopefully will be addressed with new reporting package, release date TBD).
  • Use of hidden fields to store data fields is messy (this doesn’t impact functionality; an alternative would be a data field type that was never displayed, and was always ordered last on the page).


Despite these issues, if you use Salesforce (EE/UE) and have a need for forms/surveys, this is definitely a product to try.  Click here to give it a shot!


Full disclosure: I am entered into the affiliate program; if you sign up for an account I will get your first month’s payment.  That said, I would be just eager to recommend the product without any financial incentive, so why miss out?

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  1. BrittanyNo Gravatar says:

    We’re so excited you were able to use the SalesForce integration!
    If you or your readers ever have any questions or need any help, please feel free to email me at brittany (at) sgizmo (dot) com or give us a call at 800.609.648.

  2. BrittanyNo Gravatar says:

    Forgot a digit in the phone number. The real number is 800.609.6480. – Brittany

  3. […] wanted to post a quick shout out to John Coppedge of ForceCertified.com for posting an excellent article on how to integrate SurveyGizmo with […]

  4. ForceCertified.comNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the mention Brittany! One additional request for the team, perhaps you can pass on:

    Provide a method to interface with Salesforce sandboxes without interfering with existing surveys (currently you can’t get to a sandbox at all to my knowledge).

    Great work over there… you all obviously monitor the net very closely 🙂

    Take care,


  5. Karim H. IsmailNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, do you provide set up services for Suyrvey Gizmo? I am non technical, this is the kind of stuff i need help with.

    I am looking to purchase the enterprise package:
    1. Insert HTML formatting in each range o – happy to go through your affiliate link if still possible, I only have the trial.
    f answers (the stuff that appears on screen). I would also like to get the actual answers (right now, it only gives me the stuff I put into the text box, not the total value.)
    2. Set up the auto responders with the questions and code, and in HTML – I can supply all the questions.
    3. Set up two simple reports – for the 50 questions, I just want to know the average, mean and median answers for each question, rated out of 10.
    4. The header – text needs to go on the side of the book, needs some HTML expertise.

  6. ForceCertified.comNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Karim,

    This sounds like something I could assist you with. I will follow up offline. Cheers,


  7. ForceCertified.comNo Gravatar says:

    I am happy to report that you can now schedule survey data exports for email delivery.

    You run the chance of delivery problems due to size (I just got a 12 meg attachment of survey data, for instance)… but this is a much better alternative to waiting on the web interface. Great work!

  8. Ena DhamijaNo Gravatar says:

    Have you tried using Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce? Customers are using Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce because it gives them a survey tool that is easy to use, intuitive, functional and popular , with the additional benefit of tight Salesforce Integration. Zoomerang also comes with a tool that allows conversion of SurveyMonkey surveys into Zoomerang Surveys, so if you are a survey monkey user, you can be up and running quickly.

    You can create surveys from within Salesforce, send them to leads, contacts etc and map responses back into Salesforce. Surveys can also be triggered automatically – for example when a case closes (customer service surveys) or when an opportunity changes status (win-loss surveys). You can get a free trial on AppExchange. More information at http://www.zoomerang.com/salesforce/

  9. LWNo Gravatar says:

    Hi John Coppedge,
    I am really interested in doing this for my organization as we have both tools. Would you be willing to speak offline?


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