My name is John Coppedge, and I am the sole author of this site.  I’ve worked in the IT industry in one sense or another for longer than I can remember.  At the start of 2008, I became the Salesforce administrator at my then current employer.  Within a year, I taught myself the system, became one of the first 500 certified, and launched this site with the notes I took while studying for the administrator exam.  I’ve since become a certified consultant, developer, advanced administrator, and a Salesforce consultant professionally.

Helping you become certified is the main purpose of the site and the primary focus of its content.  I’ve gotten enough feedback to know that I was on to something when I started.  If you are self-studying, it takes a lot of leg work to pull the materials into small easily digestible pieces.  The goal of this site is to provide those pieces. 

Keep in mind that the content at this point has become somewhat dated but the principles remain largely the same.  Use this site as a resource, not as gospel. 

Good luck in your studies!  Cheers,

John Coppedge