Salesforce Ideas Breakdown

Posted December 1st, 2009 in Certified Advanced Administrator, Certified Consultant and tagged by John Coppedge

It’s Not About Technology, It’s About Ideas

image The Ideas platform provides a method to collect feedback from end users, consumers, and other influencers of a product or service.  The goal of ideas is to create a collaboration platform to prioritize requests and highlight delivery of past requests.

Examples of this platform in action:

You could use this platform in any number of ways; here are a few examples:

  • A suggestion box for your company
  • Prioritize software feature requests from your end users
  • Use customer/partner portals to collect and prioritize product feedback from outside of your company

Technical Details:

  • Ideas
    • Ideas support custom fields.
    • Validation rules can take place on the idea or on idea comments.
    • Ideas does not have a traditional page layout.  The fields layout determines the order in which custom fields are presented under additional information.
    • Categories is a standard multi-picklist field.  New categories are added on the fields page; categories are disabled through idea settings.
  • Idea Communities
    • Limit of 1 internal idea community for professional orgs.  Max of 50 for EE/UE/DE, can be linked to portals.
    • Determine which picklist values are present.
    • Determine which portals users can access this particular community (can be all portals or a single portal type).
    • Determines the Experts Group.
    • Cannot specify which fields are displayed (this is universal).  Potential work-arounds include using VF or setting field-level security to hidden on a profile-basis.
  • Experts Group
    • An experts group denotes a community expert – it gives them a star.
    • The experts group selection points to a public group.  Each member of that public group will be listed as a community expert.
  • Additional Notes
    • Half-Life (in Days) determines how quickly old ideas drop in rankings on the Popular Ideas subtab.
    • Delegated Data Administration is not available for Ideas.
    • Ideas does not appear to be available for platform licenses.