Certification Maintenance Fees Explained [FAQ]

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion surround the maintenance fees for certified professionals.  I was having a hard time understanding the fee schedule myself, so I asked for clarification.  Here’s what I learned:

You will be charged $100 per year per certification track you maintain.  Maintenance fees start one year (or 3 releases) after your first achieved certification within that track.  There are 2 tracks:

Administrator (entails Administrator, Advanced Administrator, and Consultant)

Developer (entails Developer, Advanced Developer)

In short, the maximum amount you will be charged per year is $200 for certification maintenance, although each track may be billed at different periods.

Hope this clarifies for those with any remaining questions.  Cheers,


Recorded Sessions of Dev 401 & Dev 501 Salesforce Training Available Online for Free

Posted August 14th, 2009 in Certified Advanced Developer, Certified Developer by John Coppedge

You can find the sessions through the “ Training and Certification” video podcast through iTunes.  In addition you can find the series “Admin to Hero with”.


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