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Posted February 8th, 2012 in New Releases by John Coppedge

Analytics Edition has been a bit of a ride.  Initially it was to be a paid add-on, pricing was rumored to be $50/per/month with the requirement all users in the org must be licensed.  Customer reaction (myself included) to this pricing was negative enough that it garnered press attentionSalesforce responded by offering Analytics Edition for free.  Well done Salesforce for listening to and responding to your customer base.


Release schedule for Analytics Edition:

Sandboxes: Released 2/7/12

Production: Scheduled 2/12/12


My full sandbox has the new features as of 2/8/12 so let’s have a look!


Test 1

Success criteria: Create a joined report between leads and opportunities, and report on lead status/opportunity stage grouped.

I had an immediate business need to solve. I need to report leads and opportunities at the same time. Most opportunities in this org would be converted from leads, except those created during the data migration. This leaves a substantial gap in reporting that requires exporting two separate reports and an ugly mashup in Excel (or another 3rd party solution).

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